The European Wergeland Centre (EWC)(Norway) together with the Education Development Centre (Lithuania), the National Centre for Education (Latvia) and the Finnish National Agency for Education (Finland) invites representatives of institutions, active in formal and non-formal education, from Nordic and Baltic States to submit applications to take part in the Training for Trainers course “Dealing with controversy through education: a regional approach”. The training course is conducted in the frames of the NORDPLUS1 horizontal project which aims to support institutions and education professionals in formal and non-formal education to: - create inclusive and democratic spaces where young people can explore issues that concern them freely and without fear; - make use of teaching strategies and techniques that promote open and respectful dialogue, critical thinking and respect for differences.

Learning Democracy at Utøya

Training on education for democracy, human rights and intercultural understanding, giving youth the opportunity to become positive role models and trainers for their peers. Students from secondary schools across Norway take part in a 3-day training at Utøya, and develop their own workshops which afterwards are carried out with their peers in their school and/or local community

Project-based learning

Thematic training – “Project-based learning”, within the Schools for Democracy programme. 23-25 September

Lviv, Ukraine

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Karl Johans gate 2,
NO 0154 Oslo, Norway

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