Last year's Greek Academy as starting point for integration of refugee children into main classes

Integration of Refugee Children in Greek Schools: About the project

Eight schools with afternoon classes for refugee children used their participation in the Greek Academy 2018 as a starting point for integration into main classes. By the end of last year all schools had in various ways included the refugee children in the ordinary school, allowing for interaction and integration with other students.

EWC in panel debate on right-wing extremism and prevention in the classroom

On October 3rd, EWC’s Ingrid Aspelund participated in a panel discussion organised by our partner the 22 July Centre in Oslo. The topic addressed was the role of schools in preventing right-wing extremism, hate speech and intolerance. 

Norway increases support for education for democracy

There is a substantial demand for education for democratic citizenship, human rights and intercultural understanding in Europe which is also reflected in the higher level of activities provided by the European Wergeland Centre. Recognising this situation, Norway has increased the core funding of the centre with 1,3 million kroner (NOK) in the National Budget for 2020. In addition, it increases the funding of the programme “22 July and Democratic Citizenship” to 5 million NOK (up 60%).

Call for trainers to EWC project in Greece

Integration of Refugee Children in Greek Schools / Calls

This call is now closed. On behalf of the project’s team, we would like to inform all the applicants that the evaluation procedure is still in progress. The applicants, who will be selected to pass to the next evaluation stage, will be informed by email. We have received a great number of applications,something that made the Evaluation Committee’s work even harder. We would really like to thank all the applicants  for their interest.

EWC goes on exchange visit to Zürich University of Teacher Education

Two days of sharing experiences and ideas, as well as challenges and possible areas of cooperation, when the EWC team visited the Department for International Projects in Education (IPE) at the Zürich University of Teacher Education August 28-30, 2019.

14 new School for Democracy Trainers

EWC expanded the “Schools for Democracy” pool of trainers in Ukraine by welcoming 14 new members at the Training of Trainers conducted 12-15 August in Kyiv. The pool of trainers now number 73 active members, helping our schools to implement changes and improve by developing and fostering a democratic culture and inclusive environments at schools..

EWC at the largest political gathering in Norway

Arendalsuka is a national annual event and the largest political gathering in Norway. Its mission is to strengthen the belief in political empowerment and democracy through an open debate and involvement. This year, EWC partnered with the other Peace and Human Rights Centres in Norway to organise two seminars during the five-day event. 

Youth politicians and activists against hate speech

International Trainings and Workshops

How to act against hate speech and extremism? That was the central question when 24 youth politicians and civil society activists from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Norway gathered for a workshop. at Utøya  19 - 22 August 2019.

Practicing Citizenship Advanced Seminar in Beograd

Bustling with ideas, constructive conversations and positive energy, the second seminar in the 2019 cycle of the Practicing Citizenship in the Russian Federation took place in Beograd July 7- 12.

EWC events in Arendal

EWC is present at Arendalsuka this week with a stand and as a co-host of public events. Arendalsuka is the largest political gathering in Norway.

EWC recognized by Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science

Schools for Democracy in Ukraine

Last week EWC received a Certificate of appreciation in recognition of the long-lasting partnership, dedication and support in implementing educational reforms in the “New Ukrainian School”. The Ministry of Education and Science, who is a partner in “Schools for Democracy” program, also honored other donors supporting educational reforms in the country.

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