Baseline Study Report for Schools for Democracy

EWC has issued a baseline study report for the schools participating in Schools for Democracy, a national programme in Education for Democratic Citizenship in Ukraine.

EWC has designed a special Democratic School Development Tool to determine the baseline from which the participating school start the process of school democratization within the programme. The tool also helps to define how the schools can achieve desired changes and evaluate the progress.

The European Wergeland Centre

The findings will be used to plan actions on school democratization and to evaluate the changes achieved at the end of each Programme cycle. They may also serve as recommendations for further promotion of education for democratic citizenship and human rights (EDC/HRE) and development of competences for democratic culture in Ukrainian secondary education.

32 schools from 22 different regions participate in the first cycle of the programme. So far they have carried out 96 school workshops with approximately 3000 participants. The analysis of the baseline data from these schools has shown that the most pressing challenge in Ukrainian schools with regards to learning the culture of democracy and human rights is associated with integration of EDC/HRE principles, approaches and topics into the educational process. It is in this area that most schools involved in the Programme rated their level of development as “initial”.

The participants have pointed out the importance of developing competences for democratic culture primarily through the content of education, teaching and learning methods, as well as extracurricular activities.

You can download and read the full baseline report below:

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