Participants at the training

Combatting hate speech with human rights narratives

Youth leaders and youth workers from 14 European countries gathered at Utøya to learn about counter and alternative narratives to hate speech.

The Utøya training course on Counter and Alternative Narratives to Hate Speech 16-20 October, brought together 31 participants from 14 of the EEA and Norway Grant’s donor- and beneficiary countries , addressing participants as potential multipliers in their countries. The training course was organised by the EWC in cooperation with the Youth Department of Council of Europe (CoE) and supported by the EEA and Norway Grants. 

The aim of the course was to develop competences of youth workers and educators to work with young people on counter and alternative narratives to hate speech based on the Council of Europe manual ‘WE CAN’.
The course took place on Utøya in Norway, the site of the terror attack on 22. July 2011. The EWC is responsible for the educational activities at the new memorial- and learning centre on the island, which is designed for young people to learn about 22. July, while learning about, through and for democracy and human rights.

"I believe Utoya is asking us to think responsibly about the ways we live our lives and how we can make it count for others as well", said participant Andra from Romania.

Over five days the participants explored how to deconstruct oppressive hate speech narratives and also how to create counter or alternative narratives that are based on human rights and democratic values. The participants exchanged experiences, engaged in discussions and explored the tools in the “WE CAN” manual.

The participants also planned for follow-up activities in their countries and local communities and the target groups range from young people, youth workers, teachers, students, refugees, to victims of hate crimes.

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