The 2018 Democratic Schools for All Survey

The Education Policy Division of the Council of Europe is launching the survey on Democratic schools for All, in the framework of the new education campaign “Free to Speak, Safe to Learn” Democratic Schools for All. The campaign aims to highlight the commitment to democratic values and principles in the life and culture of schools while identifying and sharing good practices from all Council of Europe member States.

Photo: Council of Europe

The three-year campaign will be run by the Council of Europe in partnership with the European Wergeland Centre. The campaign will be launched at the EWC 10 years anniversary conference in Oslo, in November 2018.

The Democratic Schools for All online survey is part of the pre-launch phase of the campaign. School actors (teachers and directors/deputy directors) in all member states are invited to share a) their experiences and opinions about democratic schools (Survey Part 1) and b) democratic practices at school (Survey Part 2).

Based on the responses, an expert group will further refine the criteria for establishing democratic schools as well as the main themes to be considered for the campaign, a selection of democratic school practices will be highlighted at the campaign’s launch conference. Representatives of some of these schools (1 teacher, 3 students and the school director) will be invited to the launch conference to present their practice.

Contributions to the survey are to be made at the following Survey Monkey link:

For Survey Part 1:

For Survey Part 2:

Deadline for contributions: Extended to May 20

For any further information, you may contact the CoE Education Policy Division at:

Karl Johans gate 2,
NO 0154 Oslo, Norway

Karl Johans gate 2,
NO 0154 Oslo, Norway

PHONE: +47 21 08 24 10