Experiences with general and limited bans on religious symbols and clothing, with a special focus on the full-face veil across Europe

Overview prepared by the European Wergeland Centre: Experiences with general and limited bans on religious symbols and clothing, with a special focus on the full-face veil across Europe.

Human Rights and Democracy in Action - Looking Ahead - Conference Report

Council of Europe (CoE) organised a conference on EDC/HRE at the end of November 2012 on the impact of the CoE Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education. This is the report from the conference written by the General Rapporteur, Prof. Audrey Osler.

Time to get migrant integration right

This paper provides guidance to governments and parliaments to design and implement successful integration policies.

International Human Rights Education Evaluation Symposium - Report of the Proceedings

In 2007 Equitas hosted a two days International Human Rights Education Evaluation Symposium, jointly organized with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. The goal was to bring together practitioners in human rights education (HRE), and to share new ideas, knowledge, and practices to effectively evaluate HRE.

5th Anniversary Conference Report

Report on the conference ‘Democracy at School’ held on 5-7 October, 2014, in Warsaw, Poland, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Regional Summer Academy programme.

Post Conference Report IHRC

This report is a summary of the proceedings and outcomes of an International Conference on Human Rights Education and Training for the Civil and Public Service held in Dublin Castle on 3-5 December 2013.

Final Report the professional image of teachers

Almost 200 teachers and other educators discussed the purpose of education and the vision of the teacher profession in the light of the challenges of the 21st century at the conference “The image and ethos of teachers” which was held in Strasbourg in April 2014. EWC was among the co-organizers of this event.

Modern Practices in Citizenship Education Vol II

Second volume of the “Modern Practices in Citizenship Education” publication, presenting an overview of a number of local initiatives, promoting citizenship and human rights education in the Russian Federation, undertaken by the “Practicing Citizenship” programme participants in 2016. Language of publication – Russian.

EWC Inauguration Report

The theme of the Conference was closely linked to the mandate of the Wergeland Centre: “Building bridges: education for intercultural understanding, human rights and democratic citizenship, from policy to practice”.

Indignity, indifference, indignation: tackling hate speech online

This brief report of the conference “Tackling hate speech: Living together online” is not a full account of who said what and when in Budapest. Based on the contributions by speakers, contemporaneous reports and Council of Europe and other standards, it distils key issues addressed and recommendations which emerge—with an eye to the youth campaign against hate speech online to be launched in 2013.


Growing ethnic and religious diversity in Europe poses both opportunities and challenges to Europe-an policy-makers and societies as a whole. It is expected that this diversity will continue to increase. At the same time, recent studies show that intolerance and social exclusion are increasing, with some mi-grant groups feeling alienated. This is leading to incidences of social tensions and unrest. Education has a key role to play in preparing societies for dealing with these phenomena. It also plays a vital role in the political socialisation of European citizens from cradle to grave.

Tackling Poverty and Social Exclusion - Textbook for NGO practitioners

The conference (“Tackling poverty with Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights in Adult Learning”) textbook offers a selection of case studies, best practices and research reports throughout Europe.

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