Project documents and reports

All-European Study on Education for Democratic Citizenship

The All-European Study gives a systematic description of Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC) policies in the Council of Europe member states. Research was conducted in 2002 at national level, involving national EDC coordinators, practitioners and other stakeholders. In 2003 a group of experts produced five regional studies that were submitted for consultation to national authorities in member states with a final feedback given at the EDC Policy Seminar held in Strasbourg in September of the same year. The study contains recommendations and examples of good practice in EDC policy implementation. The recommendations could be particularly useful as providing ground for bridging the gap between policy and practice.

Report on issues in teacher education in the Caribbean Sub region: Understanding the Challenges to Promoting Democratic Ideals in Schools

This report seeks to examine the challenges schools and teachers face in promoting the democratic ideal in the Caribbean sub-region. The report is premised on two assumptions. The first is that in order to adequately prepare students to participate in democratic society, schools must promote the democratic experience. The second main assumption underlying this report is the centrality of the role of the teacher in promoting the democratic ideal.

Far-right Extremism: Trends and Methods for Response and Prevention

This paper provides an overview of recent developments in far-right extremism across Europe, highlights case studies of projects seeking to combat this threat, and offers practical lessons learned for policy makers and frontline workers.

Democracy in the Making

The booklet DEMOCRACY IN THE MAKING: Good practices from five years of Regional Summer Academies “Democracy at School and Human Rights in Action” highlights some of the innovative practice which has emerged since the academies were established.

Intolerance, Prejudice and Discrimination: A European Report Forum

This report gives comprehensive and comparable data about the extent of prejudice and discrimination against the main target groups in eight selected European countries. This representative data, based on the findings of a research project on group-focused enmity in Europe (GFE Europe) initiated by the University of Bielefeld, gives access to analyse the differences between countries and discover what they have in common.

Holocaust Memorial Days in the OSCE Region

An overview of governmental practices. This is the third edition of Holocaust Memorial Days in the OSCE Region. It updates and expands on previous editions, providing an overview of how and when OSCE countries commemorate the Holocaust. In addition to providing facts and figures, it presents a collection of good practices and ideas that may reinforce and inspire public officials and others engaged in
this area.

Report by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

This report summarizes contributions and views expressed by States, national human rights institutions and other relevant stakeholders on the possible target sectors, focus areas or thematic human rights issues for the third phase of the World Programme for Human Rights Education.

These contributions were received until 3 May 2013 in the context of a consultation launched on 1 February 2013 by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS) - Report on initial findings

The 2009 IEA study of civic and citizenship education (ICCS) investigated the ways in which young people are prepared to undertake their roles as citizens in modern societies. It reports on student knowledge and understanding of civics and citizenship as well as student attitudes, perceptions and activities related to civics and citizenship.

It can happen again

The report contains a description of the situation in the "multicultural Norway", reflections on the nature and background of racism, antisemitism and the relationship between the two ideologies. The major part of the report contains concrete suggestions as how to build and maintain a tolerant and open school climate.

The report is written in Norwegian.

Citizenship, Democracy and Lifelong Learning

This book is an outcome of an international seminar organized by UIE in partnership with the Faculty of Education of the University of Hamburg in June 2002 entitled “Strengthening Democracy and Critical Citizenship through Lifelong Learning”. The papers selected reflect key issues addressed during the seminar and aim to highlight questions not often raised contributing to a deeper understanding of the relationship between democracy and education in the context of lifelong learning.

Is Europe on the 'right' path? Right-wing extremism and right-wing populism in Europe

This book pools authoritative analyses by recognized scholars on manifestations, strategies and topics of the radical right in the light of the increasing threat by right-wing extremism and right-wing populism to European democracies and societies.

Bookmarks - Combating hate speech online through human rights education

This manual has been designed to support the No Hate Speech Movement - the Council of Europe’s youth Campaign against hate speech online, and will be useful for educators working to address this problem, both inside and outside the formal education system.

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