The terror attack on 07/22 in Norway and the responses to it

This article, published in the NECE Newsletter 02/11, addresses the responses in the Norwegian society to the terror attack on 07/22 and the consequences for future work in Citizenship Education

Policies and practices for teaching sociocultural diversity - Concepts, principles and challenges in teacher education

The project "Policies and practices for teaching sociocultural diversity" was launched by the Steering Committee for Education (CDED) in 2006, with the primary aim of promoting the recognition of diversity in pre-service teacher training and the management of diversity at school.

Menschen Rechte Bilden - Teaching Human Rights

Menschen Rechte Bilden - Teaching Human Rights

School-Community-University partnerships for a Sustainable Democracy

This guide examines how schools and universities can work together with their local communities to promote democracy in society based on the principles of Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC), a concept developed by the Council of Europe.

A Resource for Primary and Secondary School Teachers/Trainee Teachers on Moral Education

This resource has some stories and dilemmas which may be used by primary or secondary practitioners. Each story has a theme linked to moral character (explicit in the title) and may be utilized to encourage children to make the right decision in certain dilemmas. Each story can be used with a particular year group or in whole school situations such as Key Stage, Phase or Whole School assemblies.

A human rights-based approach to education for all

Current thinking and practice in the education sector are presented in this book. It discusses key issues and challenges in rights-based approaches and provides a framework of strategies and actions necessary to translate children's right to education and rights within education into legislation, policies and programmes.

Living Together - A handbook

This handbook focuses on the significant role of the media in advancing dialogue and solidarity among people, and the role of the Council of Europe in promoting standards and good practice.

Toolkit to Promote and Protect the Enjoyment of all Human Rights by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) People

This document, intended for officials and staff members of the European Union (EU), provides tools and resources to protect the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. It seeks to enhance the EU’s capacity to proactively address cases of human rights violations against LGBT people and structural causes behind these violations.

Difficult Dialogue in the Classroom

"Difficult Dialogue in the Classroom: A resource to give teachers the skills to manage difficult dialogue in the classroom" consists of a pedagogical document with practical tools to help teacher facilitate discussion on contentious issues with their students

Intercultural dialogue on Campus

Council of Europe higher education series No.11

ARTiculating Values: Young people act in EuroMed

This project documentation not only gives you a detailed description of the framework, aims, approach and activities of the project: “ARTiculating Values: Youngsters act in EuroMed. A creative initiative for interreligious
dialogue and a peoples connecting value debate”, but also contains information on Augusto Boal and the Theatre of the Oppressed, articles and recommendations by experts related to the topic as well as useful exercises that can be used in schools and heterogeneous groups.

Justice and Fairness

The Justice and Fairness teaching resource allows students to explore issues of fairness and justice through the lense of international humanitarian law or the “laws of war”. This resource helps students see the bigger picture in conflict situations and approach controversial issues through different perspectives.

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