Training Tools

Understanding Human Rights - A Manual on Human Rights Education

The manual on Human Rights Education “Understanding Human Rights” was developed in 2003 by the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Graz.

Becoming a Human Rights Friendly School: A guide for schools around the world

Illustrated throughout with case studies from the Human Rights Friendly Schools Network, the guide provides information and tools to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate a school’s journey to becoming human rights friendly. It offers practical suggestions for schools around the world to make human rights a viable part of their curricula, teaching methodology and broader learning environment that has a lasting impact not just on students, but also on their wider communities.

Moving forward together: Raising Gypsy, Roma and Traveller achievement

In the framework of "National Strategies" a series of booklets called "Moving forward together: Raising Gypsy, Roma and Traveller achievement" was launched to support schools in promoting the progress and achievement of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils and to give essential background information for those involved in the teaching of these pupils.

Violence reduction in schools training pack

The Violence reduction in schools training pack, developed by the Council of Europe programme "Building a Europe for and with children", is designed to support existing violence prevention schemes in Council of Europe member states. It trains facilitators in whole-school approaches to violence reduction.

Learning to Live Together - An intercultural and Interfaith Programme for Ethics Education

Learning to Live Together provides youth leaders and educators worldwide with the tools for an intercultural and interfaith programme, by which children and young people are able to develop a stronger sense of ethics. It has been developed for use in different religious and secular contexts as a resource for everyone concerned with promoting ethics and values.

Cartoon books against intolerance

This brochure has been produced to help teachers, youth workers and members of non-governmental organizations to use cartoons to combat intolerance.

Diversity in School: Information papers on intercultural issues for parents

These guidelines are intended to aid you, as parents, to have an active part in the structure of everyday school life. It covers questions and answers on certain themes, which result from the cultural and religious variety of students in Hamburg schools. This brochure was created through the cooperation of the Intercultural Education Information Centre of the Hamburg Regional Teacher Training Institute and School Development and a member of the council for integration.

EDC / HRE Volume V: Exploring children's rights - Nine short projects for primary level

This manual has been designed for teachers who are looking for tools to teach children's rights to students at primary schools.


The Guidelines on Social Inclusion of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian pupils in Kosovo schools are addressing the specific needs of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian pupils for social inclusion by presenting a model of democratic and inclusive school development which is based on human rights principles and guidelines for intercultural learning.They are aimed at strengthening the democratic competences of teachers and pupils for living in a diverse society.

ABC - Teaching Human Rights. Practical activities for primary and secondary schools

ABC, Teaching Human Rights provides basic information for teachers in primary and secondary schools who want to foster awareness and knowledge of human rights and the sense of reciprocity and universality upon which it is based.

Bloggers Toolkit on Intercultural Dialogue

This booklet aims at creating a comprehensive tool for training bloggers on intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region. It also want to inspire civil society organisation and international institutions to run trainings with bloggers on the same topic by using the information and resources included in the tool-kit.

Plurilingualism and pluriculturalism in content-based teaching: A training kit

The training kit presents an innovative way of managing diversity in the classroom by combining plurilingual and pluricultural approaches with content-based instruction.

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