Training Tools

Training Tools for Curriculum Development “Reaching Out to All Learners: a Resource Pack for Supporting Inclusive Education”

This resource pack from UNESCO International Bureau of Education provides comprehensive guidance for national policy makers, curriculum specialists and developers, teachers, teacher educators, school leaders and district level administrators to support Inclusive Education.

Manual for organizing Human Right Schools for Youth

The manual "Human Rights Schools for Youth" was published by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee in 2008. It is a tool for everyone engaged in democracy building and human rights, and who wish to teach about these subjects.

A Short Toolkit for School Council Coordinators

This toolkit was published by "Involver" a UK based organisation which helps young people to learn democracy by doing democracy – through school councils and student voice. It covers a whole range of key issues and concrete methods for school council co-ordinators.

Respect My Rights

An innovative digital tool launched by Amnesty International: RespectMyRights is an online platform that aims to engage and inspire young people between the ages of 15-22 to learn about and take action against human rights violations and abuses that deepen and drive poverty.

EDC / HRE Volume III: Living in democracy - Lesson plans for lower secondary level on democratic citizenship and human rights

This manual contains nine teaching units in Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education. The units, consisting of four lessons each, are intended for students in their final year at lower secondary level.

Tool for Quality Assurance of Education for Democratic Citizenship in Schools (2005)

The tool focuses on education for democratic citizenship (EDC) and applies the principles and processes of quality assurance to EDC. It promotes school development planning and school self-evaluation.

«Democratic School» - Guide for whole school improvement based on education for democratic citizenship and human rights

This EWC publication, so far only available in Ukrainian, gives an introduction on how the whole school approach can help schools develop democratic competences. It also lays out five principles for a democratic school and seven steps for democratic school development. It is is developed by the EWC programme Schools for Democracy in Ukraine. It also includes a Tool for school self-assessment and templates for action plans and reporting of good practices

Curriculum review – Diversity and citizenship

This review was commissioned in the wake of the London bombings on 7 July and sets out to examine how well schools in England are coping with delivering the new compulsory citizenship lessons that were introduced just over two years ago. It gives recommendations aimed at promoting diversity across the schools curriculum.

Play it Fair! A Human Rights Education Toolkit for Children

The Toolkit helps to promote human rights, non-discrimination and peaceful conflict resolution within non-formal education programs for children, such as summer camps or after school activities.

History teaching today: Approaches and Methods

This manual is a result of extensive discussions held in the framework of the joint project Interculturalism and the Bologna Process, the project funded by EU and managed by the European Commission Liaison Office in Kosovo and implemented by the Council of Europe. The manual is presented in a way that can be easily consulted and used by teachers.

Bookmarks: En håndbok for forebygging av hatprat på nettet gjennom menneskerettighetsopplæring

The Norwegian translation of Bookmarks- A manual for combating hate speech online through human rights education. The manual is developed by the Youth department of the Council of Europe as part of the No Hate Speech Movement campaign. It consists of 21 activities tailored for a classroom setting. The aim of these activities is to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for young people to become active democratic citizens online. Rather than protecting young people against hate speech, the campaign seeks to empower them to recognize and speak up against hate speech- and for human rights- online as well as offline.

Children´s Rights are Human Rights

This teaching resource (in German) polis aktuell focusing on children´s rights serves to familiarize teachers with the basic concepts of children´s rights and provides background articles (e.g. about the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child), methodologies and practical activities on children rights.

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