In-Service Teacher Training - Fostering a democratic school culture in Montenegro

The in-service training course for teachers is part of the EU/CoE initiative aimed at supporting the education system in Montenegro in their efforts to improve the quality of education by enhancing knowledge and awareness on the concepts, policies, practices and benefits from of a democratic and inclusive school culture among teachers, staff, students and local communities.

The training is designed for teachers, educators, pedagogues, psychologists, and school directors at all levels of education. The course will strengthen both, their theoretical knowledge and understanding of democratic school development, and their skills for promoting democratic and inclusive school and classroom development, parental involvement and local partnerships. The training is aimed at facilitating changes in individual schools. Therefore, teachers learn about strategies for peer support and school-based exchange of knowledge and information and how to use methods of formative and summative evaluation.

Authors: The Council Of Europe

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Democratic Citizenship

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